Wear your heart on your sleeve! Or blouse or lapel…

This adorable Valentine’s Day heart brooch is a creative way of letting everyone know what you hold near and dear to your heart.  The sky’s the limit with this craft! Choose any color, phrase, or shape for your brooch!

I decided to make one that my students and fellow teachers will enjoy.

Create a stencil using card stock or any thick paper.  Fold the paper in half to make the shape symmetrical or free hand it to give it a unique, but consistent shape.  Use the stencil to cut out two hearts.  Decorate one felt heart with small buttons, glitter, lace, or you can embroider a word like I did.  After you’re done adding embellishments, stitch the hearts together using any color of embroidery thread.

Be sure to start your first stitch in between the two pieces of felt to hide the knot at the end of the embroidery thread.  Continue all the way around, but leave an opening so you can stuff the heart.  Stuff it as much as you’d like with old bits of felt scraps, thread, or cotton balls. Stitch the opening closed. Use a hot glue gun to glue down a pin backing to the side of the heart that isn’t decorated. Pin backs, or brooch backs, can be found at any craft store.  A safety pin also works.







heartbrooch6 heartbrooch8



You’re all done! That was easy!  I HEART MATH!!

I think Steel needs to make one that says “spaghetti”…

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