My coworker/friend is planning a 60th birthday party for her Dad this weekend, a milestone! The theme is going to be MUSIC. Decor would include guitars, records, music notes, etc. How awesome is that?!

She started planning this months in advance, and she text me a while back asking if I could help her with one thing. She sent me a picture of this super cute record cupcake stand she found online, and asked if it’s something I can do. I’m always up for a DIY challenge, so of course, I said yes!

The first thing I did was find three records: a 45 for the top, a 78 for the middle, and a 33 1/3 for the bottom tier. Well, a long term sub at my school is also a DJ, so I asked him if he had any records he could spare. Sure enough, he provided me with the 79 & 33. Score!

All I needed at that point was the 45, so I searched online for local record stores and found one in my hood – got the 45 for only $1.60. Woo!
DIY Vinyl Record Cake Stand

The next thing I did was search for cake stand hardware and found these beauties on Amazon.  It was only $10 for a set of 5, and it came with washers and screws too! You know I’m going to be using the other 4 to make some more stands! Scored again!
Tier Cake Stand Hardware

Once I got all the materials I needed, assembling it was super fast and easy. It only took me 5 minutes!
DIY Vinyl Record Tier Cupcake Stand

Here’s how I assembled it:

Tier 1: Take a center rod (any without a handle), and stick it through the 45 record from the bottom up, placing a washer in between both sides of the record.  Then, connect/screw the top rod (the one with the handle) onto the center rod.
DIY Vinyl Record Cupcake Stand

It should look like this.
Vinyl Record Tier Cake Stand

Tier 2: Take the last rod place it through the 78 record, repeating the same steps as Tier 1.  Connect Tier 1 to Tier 2 by screwing the pieces together.
DIY Vinyl Record Tier Cake Stand

Tier 3:  The set comes with one loose screw and one metal washer (the other washers are foam).  I used the metal washer on the very bottom/base of the stand and placed the screw through the 33 1/3 record, with a washer in between (one metal, one foam).  Then, I connected it to Tier 1 & 2.

It was super easy & fast.  All you really need to do is just connect the pieces with washers in between all the parts.
Vinyl Record Cupcake Stand

Vinyl Record Tier Cupcake Stand

I think it turned out super cute, and my coworker was very happy with it. I want one for myself now!  Happy 60th birthday, Mr. Guzman!

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