Happy New Year!  It’s time to put away my wooden Christmas tree/card hanger/advent calendar!  But before I do, here’s the how-to!

Once again, the scrap wood my husband saved for me came into use!  This tree was actually very easy to make.  All you need is wood, paint, a staple gun, 24 clothes pins, and a tree topper.  I got the wooden star at Michaels for only $0.72 cents, and the small clothes pins for about $3.

Begin by selecting wood pieces and place them in order: smallest on top, largest on the bottom.  You can cut the wood down to the size you need if you don’t have scraps like I did.
DIY Wood Christmas Tree

Paint all the pieces: brown for the trunk, green for the branches, and yellow for the star.
DIY Wood Christmas Tree

Paint the clothes pins red and white.  Let it dry.  Then, use the back end of the brush to make the polka dots.
Polka Dot Clothes Pins Polka Dotted Clothes Pins

Position the star and branches onto the trunk and use a staple gun to attach them.
DIY Wood Christmas Tree DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

Use a glue gun to attach the clothes pins.
DIY Wood Christmas Tree

Optional: Make/glue red bows onto some of the pins.
DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

Create advent calendar numbers.  I used a circle punch and wrote the numbers with a Sharpie marker.
Advent Calendar Numbers

Clip the numbers onto the tree, and as cards come in, hang them on your tree!  I placed mine on top of a flower pot flipped upside down & covered with a piece of burlap.  I love how it turned out!
DIY Wood Christmas Tree

Hope everybody had a wonderful holiday season!  Wishing you a bright and happy 2016!

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