BRASA Rotisserie is a new restaurant located in Costa Mesa, CA, specializing in Peruvian style rotisserie chicken and creative seasonal menus.  Owned by a brother and sister duo, Francesca and Victor, whose mother and aunt owns Inka Mama’s down the street, these siblings have proven that creating good food runs deep in their blood.  We had the opportunity to stop by for a tasting a couple weeks ago and got to meet Francesca and Victor too.  Both were super nice and friendly!

We ordered two Whole BRASA Trays, Fresh Cut Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Yuccitas, and BRASA Tots – so much deep fried deliciousness!  Don’t judge; it was a Fryday, so there was no way we were going to order salad as a side (even though their salad did look yummy).

Loaded tots are the best things ever, and BRASA’s Tots did not disappoint!  Crispy tots topped with pork belly, Huancaina Sauce, parmesan cheese and green onions.  It was so good!

Check out this Yuccita cheese pull video we storied on Instagram that day.  Doesn’t that look amazing?  These were Yucca (potato-like) fritters filled with three kinds of cheese.  We enjoyed every bite!

BRASA’s chicken was BOMB!  The skin had a delicious herby flavor, and the meat was fall-off-the-bone tender.  Even when we were full, we kept shoveling chicken into our mouths.  All of the sides we tried were yummy too!  You can’t go wrong with fries or tots, but we recommend getting the Yuccitas!  Those cheesy fritters were amazing!  Our favorite sauce was their Yellow Peruvian Sauce; it went well with everything.  The BRASA Sauce was nice too!  If you’re ever in the OC area, definitely give BRASA Rotisserie a try.  We give them duo thumbs up! 

These menu items were complimentary; however, we retain full creative control over the content of this post, and our reviews are honest reflections coming straight from the belly!

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