We eat.  We work our day jobs.  We craft.  We grubsmash.  We blog.  We Sleep.  We eat again.  And we repeat.

We eat a lot.  Sometimes too much.  And sometimes not the healthiest foods either.  We try to eat balanced meals, but that can be difficult when there’s so much deliciousness out there.  So when we came across Blendfresh whole foods in powder form, we had to give it a try!

We sampled the Blendfresh Sprinkle Bottle Set, which features all four of their Fruits and Veggies bottles (Red, Green, Orange, and Purple).  As soon as we received the set, we tasted each one as is, in powder form.  Blendfresh Sprinkle Fruits & Veggies Set

The Red Fusion was by far our favorite.  It tasted like a fruit roll-up, except it was a powder!  Our exact words, “Mmm, it’s kinda good,” quoting Chris Tucker from Rush Hour when he tries camel’s hump.
Blendfresh 12 Fruits And Veggies Red Bottle

The second runner up was the Purple Fusion. It was pretty close taste-wise to the Red.  You can taste more of a grape flavor; whereas, the red was closer to raspberry.  We enjoyed both.
Blendfresh 12 Fruits And Veggies Purple Bottle

Third was the Green Fusion.  We tasted a stronger herb flavor to it than the others.  They all had a slight herb taste, but Green was most noticeable.  Our palettes determined that there’s a faint taste similar to dried seaweed in it, and we immediately got excited at the thought of sprinkling it onto some spam and rice!  Musubi! Yeah!
Blendfresh 12 Fruits And Veggies Green Bottle

The Orange Fusion bottle wasn’t our favorite initially, but we knew these powders weren’t meant to be eaten as is; we just happen to be two curious pigs.  Once we tried it in a smoothie and even water, it was good!  Any of the bottles, actually, go really well with smoothies.
Blendfresh 12 Fruits And Veggies Orange Bottle


Green sprinkled on pizza = 2 YUMS up!  Such a perfect combo!Blendfresh Green on Pizza

Red sprinkled in Greek Yogurt with honey = 1 YUM up.  We thought that the tanginess of the yogurt buried the fruitiness we enjoy so much in the powder.
Blendfresh Red in Greek Yogurt

Purple sprinkled on a crumb cake = 2 YUMS up!  It was delightful!Blendfresh Purple On A Pastry

Green sprinkled on a bagel with cream cheese = 1 YUM up.  Like the yogurt, the tanginess of the cream cheese took over the flavor in the powder.Blendfresh Green On A Bagel & Cream Cheese

Orange sprinkled in water = 2 YUMS up!  Great way to boost your water!Blendfresh Orange Sprinkle Bottle In Water

Green sprinkled on spam & rice = 2 YUMS up!  This one was our favorite!Blendfresh Green With Spam

Any flavor (or a blend of all of them) sprinkled in a smoothie = 2 YUMS up!  You can’t go wrong here.Blendfresh With Smoothie

Sprinkle the Green bottle on anything savory since it has a stronger herb flavor.  It was really good on the pizza, and as we predicted, amazing with Spam!  Since the Red and Purple bottle is more on the sweet side, it pairs up well with other sweet foods.  We enjoyed sprinkling it on top of that cinnamon crumb cake (made us eat every single crumb).  The Orange bottle is best blended in water or smoothies (any of the flavors are great in smoothies).

All in all, Blendfresh is a super easy and convenient way to supercharge your meals!  We enjoy sprinkling the Red & Purple powder in the palm of our hands and eating it as is for a quick boost.  It’s a powder fruit roll-up = 2 YUMS UP!  If you’d like to supercharge your meals, visit: www.blendfresh.com!

These products were complimentary, but our reviews are honest reflections coming straight from the belly!

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