A few months ago, Mint Leaf OC released a dim sum naming contest on Instagram, inviting foodies to submit entries to name their cute little menu characters.  This was such a fun contest, and all winning entries earned a $50 dining credit.

If you follow us on Instagram, or have seen our crazy Grubsmash & Snackchat videos, you’d know that we absolutely LOVE food puns! So this contest was right up our alley!  Needless to say (and brag), we won twice, earning us $100 in dim sum credit! Woohoo!

The five winners (plus a runner up @alexandra_suu)  decided to meet up for a Mint Leaf foodie feast, and we’ve since kept in touch via Instagram.

DIMMIE LUVATO (named by @foodiemobbb)
Dare we say, we are not big fans of har gow dumplings.  The wrapper is just too thick for our liking. This has nothing to do with Mint Leaf; we’d feel this way no matter where we dined.  Mint Leaf’s har gows were legit for all you har gow lovers out there; we’re just not Dimmie Luvato fans. 

CHANCE THE WRAPPER – (named by @thehowtoduo)
Shumais are our all time favorite dim sum item! We could literally eat a million of these, and Mint Leaf did not disappoint! They were good! We’re your number one fans, Chance the Wrapper! 

LIL’ BAO WAO (named by @figgin_out)
You can never go wrong with BBQ pork baos.  These little sweet and savory buns were so delicious! Lil’ Bao Wao, you hold a special place in our bellies.

EGG SHEERAN (named by @capricorncow)
These mini little egg tarts were delightful! A perfectly sweetened egg custard baked on a flaky crust.  Egg Sheeran, we’re in love with the the shape of you!

MILEY XIAORUS – THE WRECKING BAO  (named by @thehowtoduo)
These XLB’s were so good!  The broth inside each pork dumpling was warm and delicious, and the ginger soy dipping sauce paired perfectly with it. We’re fans, Miley Xiaorus. You’re crazy, but we’re fans!

These five celebs are featured items on Mint Leaf’s menu, but that’s not all they serve.  They have a wide variety of Asian goodies.  Check out this massive feast we had! 

Everything was so tasty.  And how cute are these Pokebuns?  They’re filled with a creamy salty egg custard, and if you poke a hole to create a mouth, you can squeeze it, and make it spit out the filling – such fun little treats!   

Their drinks are refreshingly yummy too!  Our favorites are: Grass Jelly w/ Basil Seeds, Vietnamese Cafe Sua Da, and the Thai Iced Tea. 

We give Mint Leaf OC duo thumbs up!  What we really liked was their casual dine-in/take-out atmosphere! No long line, no waiting for your number to be called, and no carts bumping into you.  It really is the perfect place to grab fast, yet quality dim sum. We loved it so much, we did duo Grubsmash videos featuring the whole gang: Dimmie Luvato, Chance the Wrapper, Lil’ Bao Wao, Egg Sheeran, and Miley Xiaorus – The Wrecking Bao!

These menu items were complimentary; however, we retain full creative control over the content of this post, and our reviews are honest reflections coming straight from the belly.

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