Owned & managed by a mother-daughter duo, Rayda and Sylvia, The Brow and Skin Studio With Apothecary has been providing beauty services for over 15 years in Huntington Beach, specializing in advanced skin treatment and perfectly shaped brows.  We had the opportunity to come in two weeks ago and experience what they do!  As we stepped inside the studio doors, Sylvia welcomed us with a warm smile and delightful refreshments.  She made sure we were comfortable while we were completing their intake form. Great first impression, check!


I’ve never had a facial ever, EV-ER. Me, when Trinh mentioned the idea of going to The Brow and Skin Studio with Apothecary, “Um…the thought of a stranger stroking my face gives me the heebeegeebees.” She went on to tell me that they offer chemical peels too, which I was coincidentally contemplating for a while. So I was in! I’m not gonna say “no” to a chance of possibly lightening the leopard print on my face a little.

Trinh had actually requested the Studio’s Diamond Dermabrasion for the both of us. The esthetician I was paired with was Rayda. With her headlamp, she examined my skin under a pair of magnifying glasses, and then amazingly suspected that I’m a keloid scar-former. I confirmed by showing her my C-section scar. She then asked me what my skin bugaboos were and what I use on my face. After I told her that I essentially use all-things exfoliating (including Retin-A) on my sun-damaged zit face, she recommended their H-Peel Treatment (to enhance Retin-A’s actions), instead of the harsher dermabrasion. So, of course, I went with what she advised. She is experienced and knowledgeable (especially with her previous work under cosmetic physicians). Plus, you can tell she has a sincere heart and passion for her profession. I completely trusted her; Rayda had me at keloid, LOL.

From there, it was a roller coaster of sensations on my face and neck. There were moments of heebeegeebees, burning, itching, pinching, cooling, and pure relaxation. It was pretty awesome, I must say. Even more awesome, 2 days later, my huz said, “I do notice a nice little glow there.” And now that I’m about 2 weeks out, I definitely notice that my leopard spots have lightened some. Rayda was right, the peel did give Retin-A a little boost.  Love how knowledgable she was!


The Diamond Dermabrasion Treatment is one of the The Brow and Skin Studio’s signature facials. When I read about it on their website, these words totally stood out to me: “deep exfoliation…rejuvenation…eliminating pigmentation, large pores, fine lines, acne, sun damage, and loss of elasticity!”  This treatment seemed perfect for me because it targeted all my skin issues!

The esthetician I was paired with was Evelyn.  She, like Rayda and Sylvia, was super nice.  Evelyn cleaned my face, which felt amazing and did an initial test on a small part of my skin to see if I would have any type of negative reaction to the dermabrasion treatment.  Rayda also came in and looked to see if I scarred the same way Phuong did.  I was cleared!  No keloid scarring and no reaction to the initial test, so I got the go on the Diamond Dermabrasion.

Now, I’m a talker, so I did not relax and doze off like most people would during my treatment.  In fact, I was laughing and joking and was probably obnoxiously loud.  But I loved everything about this treatment: the cleaning, the Clarisonic Mia brush, the exfoliation, the suctioning, the extractions (oh my gosh, my favorite), and the overnight treatment she put on my face afterwards.  My skin felt so smooth.  I would definitely recommend the Diamond Dermabrasion to anyone who feels they have the same skin issues as me.  Evelyn was awesome.


We are definitely fans of The Brow and Skin Studio!  It’s evident that Rayda and Sylvia truly care about providing customers with the perfect experience.  Even though we both have issues with personal space and people touching us, we both felt very comfortable and trusted that we were in good hands.  It’s been two weeks since our treatment, and we’re still glowing!  If you’re looking for the perfect brow or skin treatment, definitely give Rayda and Sylvia a call.  We give them duo thumbs up!




These services were complimentary; however, we retain full creative control over the content of this post, and our reviews are honest and true reflections based on our experience.

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